Make the most of the benefits of becoming a member of the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop.

The Newcastle Printmakers Workshop is a non-profit organization which aims to:

Provide access to equipment and workshop space for the benefit of practicing artists, students, ex-students and beginners. Arrange classes in the techniques of printmaking. Develop public awareness of printmaking, particularly with regards to distinguishing between an original print and a reproduction.

The workshop is run by volunteers & would like the involvement of its members in daily and long-term activities. Opportunities exist for individuals as volunteers without becoming a committee member.  
Weekend workshops and weekly classes are run on designated dates throughout the year. Members and the wider community can learn new printmaking techniques in a variety of media.

Click here to see what workshops and classes are being offered.

New members only: Complete the online registration form here.

Renewing members: Complete the online registration form here.

Membership Renewal

Current members or members whose membership has lapsed can renew membership using the link above. Members paying via online banking need to quote the word 'Membership' and name.

Yearly Membership

1. Membership

Includes a regular newsletter, opportunities to enter work in all NPW exhibitions,as well as other projects and viewings. All members must pay the basic membership yearly and renew each year in September.

  • concession/student $45 per annum

  • employed $50 per annum

(This membership does not include studio access)

Terms and conditions
New members are required to attend a meeting to meet committee members & have their application approved.
In order to obtain access and meet satisfy health & safety requirements you will be required to attend at least one workshop/class or Orientation session. This will enable you to familiarize yourself with the use of the facilities in a competent and demonstrable way as well as demonstrate your knowledge and experience.
Studio Access can only be provided if the Committee is confident that you are able to use the facilities in a competant and safe manner. As each new member is interviewed & made aware of safety procedures at the Workshop, Newcastle Printmakers Workshop Inc. will not be held responsible for any accident which could occur using printmaking procedures.

2. Studio access

Basic membership is a requirement.Studio access paid for 6 or 12 months entitles unlimited [day/night] access to the workshop & facilities if not being used for workshop classes.All consumables are to be supplied by the member.

12 months $130 per annum
6 months $80
Daily hire $20

Note: The workshop is open every Tuesday during school terms 10am–2pm. 6 or 12 month studio access must be paid up to date to access the workshop and printing facilities during this time.

3. Workshop Key Deposit $30 (Refundable, conditions apply)

All members who have studio access must have a key. Any person who has membership fees in arrears of 12 months or longer will forfeit the right to reimbursement of their key deposit unless all outstanding membership arrears are firstly paid up.

Address: Newcastle Printmakers Workskhop | PO Box 102 ADAMSTOWN NSW 2298.